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Adolescent & Family Counseling
Welcome to Journey of Hope! We pro
vide various mental health services to adolescents and families. Are you worried and stressed out about yourself and/or your child/teen? Have you experienced trauma/loss of a loved one, or are you enduring major family adjustments? Anxiety, depression, conflict, family issues, divorce, and school issues are REAL challenges. You don't have to handle it alone. Reach out and let us help you reduce your stress and improve your mental health.

It takes
courage, support, and strategies to overcome and work through these multiple layers of stress. We are here to help support you to develop skills, build school social emotional strategies, and work through tough issues through mental health counseling.


Every person deserves to be respected in a nonjudgmental environment, and we will provide this culture of trust at all times. We will also be able to work collaboratively with your son/daughter’s school, family physician, or medical professionals when necessary. Everyone needs a network of support as we journey through life. It would be our honor to be a part of your journey to assist you in growing and achieving your best mental, physical, social, and emotional health goals.


The Journey of Hope Process….

The process of help and support begins by scheduling an appointment for a free, 30-minute initial phone consultation. Call or text Marie at (248)921-4614, or email at for a scheduled time for a free consultation.

Due to the pandemic, we are providing teletherapy at the present time, but will be able to transition to an office in Farmington when the restrictions are lifted if preferred. You can also check the monthly schedule and book a phone consultation for yourself by clicking the Appointment Calendar link above.

The sessions are booked after the phone consultation, which will allow us to plan and begin building rapport to identify your strengths, struggles, and comfort level. Client information is gathered, and a diagnostic assessment that summarizes difficulties is completed. From there, a treatment plan is developed to help guide the therapy sessions and provide a continuation of assessing progress.


Types of Services: Adolescent & Family Counseling, Grief Groups, Animal Therapy & School Collaboration

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